SparkC provides infrastructure and cyber solutions to restore and enhance the sustainability of our clients' critical networks and assets.


The foundation of our service is a comprehensive understanding of the security issues and risks facing our client services, which is shared by our delivery service team. The benefits include:

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Our client-centered philosophy will serve as the driving force behind SparkC's corporate commitment to service – accountability for our performance, thoughtfulness in understanding our client’s business objectives and processes, delivering on expectations today with a vision towards the future, and trustworthiness in every task.

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Our disciplined approaches are process-driven, structured by our adherence to leading industry practices such as ITILv3 and PMBOK, and results-focused with metrics and objectives that facilitate continuous improvement and innovation.

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To achieve task performance objectives, SparkC's leads and participate in a collaborative environment, offering information sharing and communication across all stakeholders and transparency on project details with respect to scope, schedule, cost, and quality.

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We respond to stakeholder’s needs and evolving requirements, maintaining an agile, timely, and flexible organizational support structure. SparkC's focuses on our client’s IT implementation to include network and systems operations. We understand the mission critical nature of IT systems that support our clients.

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Is your institution, college, or school in need of
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SparkC provides vulnerability assessment and scanning services for the
Ankura Consulting Group. Services include automated quarterly scanning,
vulnerability reporting, ASV reports for PCI compliance, prioritization of
vulnerability threats, online remediation recommendations, and false
positive submissions.  SparkC identified vulnerabilities and mitigation
strategies for Ankura to prevent potential backdoors, buffer overflows,
denial of service, SQL injection and other malicious attacks. SparkC Cyber
Security Professionals understand the evolving landscape of vulnerabilities,
and we have the expertise to utilize the right vulnerability assessment tools
to protect the systems of our clients.


541512 - Computer System Design Services

541513 - Computer Facilities Management Services

541519 - Other Computer Related Services

518210 - Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services

611420 - Computer Training

611430 - Professional and Management Development