Justin Drummond
M.S Cyber Security Policy & Management

As the President and CEO of SparkC, Justin Drummond has been laser-focused on providing innovation in the realm of cyber-security and public safety. After graduating from The University of Toledo with a bachelors in criminal justice in 2015. In 2017, he completed his master's degree in cyber-security management & policy from The University of Maryland-University College (UMUC). 

Starting SparkC in 2013, while in college, Justin was dedicated to contributing to our country defense and technological advances to create a safer nation. 

SparkC is a cyber-security management and mission consulting firm dedicated to providing integrated solutions that guarantee positive impacts. Justin had led SparkC to contract awards for clients such as U.S. Health and Human Services, Defense Health Agency, George Washington University and Johns Hopkins University.

Email: jdrummond@sparkcllc.com


Justin Drummond with CEO of Perspecta Engineering, Inc. - Mac Curtis


Justin Drummond delivering on our prime contracting opportunity with U.S. Health and Human Services.


Justin Drummond expanding the SparkC brand as the 2015 Millennial Entrepreneur of the Year