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13+ Public Safety Agencies in 3 years:

Digital Safety - A proven concept!

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In our digital age, public safety departments and emergency management agencies face challenges in adapting to the transformation and emergence of technology. Community Awareness and Safety Education could be the deciding factor that increases or decreases the security of our stakeholders. SparkC provides safety outreach and digital safety services to provide agencies with a variety of outreach solutions. 


  • Digital Safety Campaign service
  • Public Safety awareness videos
  • Active Shooter instructional videos
  • Emergency Management Procedures videos
  • Safety Outreach social media consulting


Digital Safety is the use of digital technology to promote, present, and enhance the presentation of safety knowledge, emergency management, and student awareness on college campuses.


We provide public safety departments with the tools to enhance their digital presence on campus, social media, and Title IX emergency communication requirements.

Campaign Service Components

+ Creation of Digital Safety content (videos, graphics, animation, etc.)

+ Yearly Social Media Management

+ Social Media Threat Monitoring

+ Social Media Growth and Development

+ Social Media Analytics

Department Comprehensive Videos

Florida A&M Police Department

Comprehensive Video

Community College of Baltimore County

Department of Public Safety


Is your department in need of an active shooter awareness video that is specific to your campus?

Students need campus-specific instructional active shooter videos that increase their understanding and reduce administration liability if an event does occur. Check out our clients' products below.  

Content formatted for the important safety tips.

SparkC provide content to cover the hundreds of safety tips that student need to know. It is important to develop quick (0:30 - 0:55 seconds) and meaningful content to educate your community on what keeps them safe on and off campus. Check the various content to covers safety information specific to your campus. We cover all campus safety tips & information.

Our Clients

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