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Here at SparkC, we are able to provide the critical support you need to manage projects and implement frameworks that will provide solutions.


We approach the effective management of projects using Agile, CMMI ML3 and PMBOK-based project management practices. These tools focus our ability to manage people, process, and technology assets in attaining business performance objectives.


SparkC leverages the full power and enterprise capability of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 and Microsoft Project Server 2013, which together, provide a rich set of capabilities to facilitate line-of-sight visibility into increment or task activities, project tracking, scheduling program assessment, portfolio management, and enterprise assessment. These dynamic work management capabilities are designed in accordance with the PMBOK, to work together to address specific enterprise project and work management needs.


SparkC portfolio management support will help you better manage and optimize your IT investments. Our leaders bring their creative expertise to the table, increasing efficiencies and overall communication and collaboration.

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