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We’re experts in developing eLearning interactive modules in highly interactive visual formats to provide an immersive and retainable learning experience. In addition, we securely host web-based trainings and support clients by maintaining 24/7 on-demand secure web application portals embedded with developed eLearning courses. 

Known for our flexibility and innovative ideas in project design and development, we’ve been on the cutting edge of training analysis, development, and delivery since our inception — and we have extensive experience working with clients to create meaningful and targeted employee training, collegiate eLearning courses, and large corporate training programs.

Our training programs immerse the learner in replicated environments – games that entertain as they instruct, use short micro-videos that demonstrate important processes in seconds, and feature interactive courseware – including videos where the user chooses the solution then see how that pans out in supporting the mission. Our online courses let you learn from any location and progress at your own pace. Utilizing industry-best program management methodology such as the ADDIE (Analyze, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation) to effective manage small/ large scale eLearning & training contracts from collegiate institutions, federal agencies and large corporations.



Instructional designers identify learning needs, objectives, and constraints to inform subsequent development stages.


Instructional goals are established, content is structured, and assessment strategies are outlined.


Instructional designers create learning materials, incorporating feedback and aligning content with objectives.


Instructional designers create learning materials, incorporating feedback and aligning content with objectives.


Instructional designers create learning materials, incorporating feedback and aligning content with objectives.


Instructional designers create learning materials, incorporating feedback and aligning content with objectives.

Animated Interactive Learning

Let SparkC's dynamic team of instructional designers and graphic artists elevate your next eLearning and/or Distance Learning initiatives. Creativity is the cornerstone of exceptional graphic design, and our team excels in using cutting-edge tools to craft captivating solutions for all your learning requirements.


Embracing the challenges of each new training opportunity, our instructional designers and animation experts offer a range of animated interactive formats, including character-guided modules, interactive simulations/scenarios, infographic-based content, and virtual environment learning for hands-on skill building.


Our eLearning modules are designed to foster high engagement, sparking learners' interest and enhancing retention. Trust us to deliver an outstanding product that reflects your organization positively, creatively, and innovatively.

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We integrate with your current LMS.


We focus on enhancing the learning methodologies and content with our clients Blackboard, Canvas LMS, or Moodle LMS. Our ISD team will work with your eLearning team to upload completed SCORM source files into your LMS. We provide next-generation type interactive learning modules to elevate our clients virtual learning environment. The SCORM configurations will allow admins to view multiple layers of data to track student and group performance.

Instructional Games

Video/Live-Actor Interactive

At SparkC, we understand that any training solution must support and further your organization’s critical mission and long-term goals. This is why we offer numerous training solutions, including traditional instructor-led training (ILT).


Instructor-led training allows an instructor or facilitator to educate groups or individuals in-person by following a SparkC-prescribed curriculum. To meet your ILT needs, SparkC can develop: a detailed instructor guide, student workbooks, job performance aids and toolkits, assessments, quizzes, surveys, visual aids, and other external educational resources. We even have our own template that provides for instructor guides to quickly become student workbooks (without any rewriting), which saves you time and money.

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Instructional Interactive Learning

SparkC understands how adults learn. Using the ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation) Instructional Systems Design (ISD) model — and our own professional expertise in instructional and graphics design and programming — we deliver custom web-based trainings (WBTs) that produce measurable performance improvements.

Let our highly skilled teams of Senior Program Managers, instructional designers, graphic artists, and programmers create your next online learning module. We’ll work closely with you to make sure we meet your time constraints, deadlines, budget, and learning objectives to create engaging and highly interactive courses.

Set your employees up for success by teaching them what they need to know in a way that is interactive and cost-effective. Set them up with a SparkC WBT.

Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)
& Blended Learning

Can't decide whether a web-based or an instructor-led training is best for your organizational needs? Maybe using both will provide the most powerful solution. In this case, SparkC's blended learning solutions are for you.


In blended learning, VILT creates an immersive environment where students receive part of the educational content directly from a facilitator, and the rest of the content via computer-mediated activities. Blended learning solutions allow for the best of both worlds, with active and engaging classroom discussions and student control over their time and pace of learning.


We’ll pinpoint the topics that are best taught in a hands-on classroom environment, where engaging discussions and real-life practice occurs — and we’ll separate out the topics that are best explored in an online environment, where time is not an issue and content and resources can be explored in-depth.

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Virtual Training Environments (VTE) & Advanced
Distributed Learning (ADL)

Advances in computer hardware and software provide an unprecedented capacity to bring geographically dispersed trainees together within an immersive Virtual Learning Environment. VLEs are synthetic, simulated worlds which can include a mix of synchronous and asynchronous communications software functionality combined with online methods of courseware delivery (slide presentation, video demonstration, scenario practice, trainee information posting and exchange). Some VLEs reproduce a classroom environment online whereby students separated by distance and/or time meet, interact, and independently and interdependently explore and learn virtually. Interactive VLEs can also provide opportunities for collaborative problem solving, synthetic social interaction, social negotiation, and team decision making in somewhat realistic task settings which help facilitate warfighter knowledge construction and retention.

When professionally applied, VLE technology offers the capability to increase trainee immersion, presence, attention, and active learning thereby improving the yield of cognitive (facts, information processing skills, mental structures), behavioral (psychomotor skill, social response repertoires), and affective (confidence, cohesion, emotional regulation skills) learning outcomes. VLEs developed with constructivistic learning principles encourage individual learners to actively seek meaning and construct their VLE world through their own unique and integrated experiences. SparkC believes such settings are also applicable to team and larger collective (squad, platoon) training whereby trainees work interdependently and benefit from peer modeling, tutoring, and motivation during social learning. SparkC Instructional Systems Designers (ISD) help maximize the learning attained and retained from VLEs by ensuring the mission operations authenticity and instructional integrity of the planned and emergent learning experiences that unfold during VLE simulation.

User Accessibility, ADA & Section 508 Compliance

Universal accessibility is never an afterthought with SparkC. When we develop courses, we consider the challenges faced by people with disabilities, and routinely develop Section 508-compliant courseware for both our Federal and commercial clients. As a matter of fact, many agencies and organizations hire us to validate their course compliance with Section 508 standards and then to “fix” problematic courses.


Over the years, we have refined our Section 508-compliant designs to maximize student interactions while allowing equal access to learning for all. SparkC excels at developing courseware that is fully compliant with the requirements of Section 508 to satisfy the needs of persons with disabilities, and that still remains highly engaging to non-disabled users.

We recently developed a standardized, web-based set of 508 compliance checklists. With our new system, we ensure consistency in meeting and exceeding the rigorous Section 508 standards set by the Federal Government. And, we employ a course user who is blind to test each of our courses for accessibility.

When we develop your fully-accessible courseware, we’ll go over our standard Section 508 checklists with you in the initial design meeting to make sure that we meet any special requirements that your organization might have. After determining the optimal approach to accessibility, our writers, designers, quality assurance testers, and programmers will use our in-house proprietary Accessibility Compliance Checklists throughout the development process. Upon delivery of the final course, we provide you with a PDF of the completed checklists as a way of certifying 508 compliance.

Learning is for everyone, and our stringent process ensures that our products remain engaging and effective while functioning seamlessly for all.

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The Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) is a set of specifications that describes how to create learning content that can be delivered and tracked by a learning management system (LMS). At SparkC, all our courseware is SCORM-conformant — and if you already have content that isn’t SCORM, we’re happy to fix that for you!


We use many kinds of LMSs, develop conformant registration and tracking systems, and build hundreds of hours of SCORM-conformant training. The most widely used version is SCORM 1.2, but we can develop training that meets any of the SCORM and TINCAN specifications to work in any LMS.


SparkC also uses the ADL CoLab SCORM compliance test to verify proper SCORM compliance. Let us take your non-SCORM-conformant courses and use our automated tools and templates to build the SCORM and XML files your organization requires.

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