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Securing a college campus 2019 requires a multi-tiered approach using public safety and campus-based resources. As technology and digital devices continue to immerse itself in the architecture and landscape of our campuses, there is an opportunity to provide campus outreach innovation for public safety. 

Campus Safety outreach and providing information is vital to ensuring students and community members are informed of the risks of their environment and information to mitigate that risk. Using traditional methods such as mass emails, paper, campus bulletin board, among others have proven to be costly and ineffective. As a former student from 2010-2014, students do not read long wordy emails and distorted google graphics to portray a message of safety. Campus Safety Departments spend thousands of dollars of printing materials and bulletins that others go unread or flying in the wind across campus. Many students do not utilize the services and technology, such as apps, due to the lack of effective campus outreach. Ultimately, the students are the others that are left at risk, whom we were supposed to inform and educate them about safety in their environment. Conducting a survey of over 100 students across 10 campuses, only 5% of the students have the college safety app on their phone. 

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It’s time to find a connection to fix this disconnect. Public and Campus Safety Departments need to begin a process of digitilization of safety information and resources provided by the departments. Extracting information that the departments website, annual safety and security reports, and safety information including dorm safety, theft prevention, etc., and creating digital videos that can be effectively distributed throughout campus television screens, social media, orientation, among others. This solution is not a complete secret, but public safety departments lack the technical expertise and manpower to complete and manage this transformation. Conducting this digital transformation will increase the usage of campus safety applications and services such as Escort service which will decrease opportunities for late night victimization. Attending campus safety events across the country, I have not heard a translatable solution that can work for the masses, not just a few.


Justin Drummond (President of SparkC) has a proven method to provide public safety departments with this much-needed innovation. This method is called Digital Safety, and is conducted through a campaign: Digital Safety Campaign. Public Safety Departments have struggled with finding translatable answers surrounding how to leverage digital resources and social media. With being a millennial owned, we are proven experts in transforming digital resources to improve department innovation and campus outreach capabilities.

Justin Drummond and SparkC has provided our digital transformation service to over 13+ campus safety departments from 2016 - 2019, and provide them with tools to continue a comprehensive digital safety outreach plan. Our resume of expertise includes providing digital transformation assistance to the following departments: 


1) George Washington University Police Department (2016)

2) Johns Hopkins University Department of Public Safety (2016)

3) The Catholic University of America Department of Public Safety (2016)

4) The University of Texas-Arlington Police Department (2018) 

5) Georgetown University Law Center Police Department (2019)

6) Maryland Institute College of Art Department of Public Safety (2017)

7) Florida A&M University Police Department (2018)

8) The University of Toledo Police Department (2017,2018)

9) Gallaudet University Department of Public Safety (2018)

10) Morgan State University Police Department (2017)

11) Howard University Department of Public Safety (2016, 2017, 2018)

12) Community College of Baltimore County Department of Public Safety (2019)

13) Prince George's Community College Police Department (2018, 2019)

14) Hampton University Police Department (2019)


Mr. Drummond has led our company in delivering this digital transformation service and enhancing the digital resources and capabilities of our clients at a five-star level. Over three years of providing this service, we have conducted over 200 student surveys, increased departments service usage, and expanded safety application engagement due to distributing digital safety products throughout campus via television screens, campus computers, and digital bulletin screens.

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