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We know how to manage student learning. Let us design and implement your Moodle, custom LMS, or LCMS.

When your employees take courses, you’re going to need a delivery medium that can track and manage student completions and course data. We can create a custom LMS or LCMS, or we can manage your Moodle, Canvas, SABA, Plateau, or other program.


Effective learning management can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in training costs, turning you into a product expert and your audience into advocates for your cause. With a custom LMS or LCMS solution from SparkC, you get a custom learning management tool with great content. It takes more than just pasting your logo on a screen to make a product really yours. We’ll assess every aspect of your human performance needs to build you the most effective solution.


While training should be fun and engaging, we take security seriously. We invest heavily in our software and hardware infrastructure, including enterprise security protection and advanced firewalls to thwart distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks. Our state-of-the-art servers with solid-state drives, massive RAM, and dozens of CPUs already support hundreds of thousands of client-agency users.


Start managing employee learning, tracking competencies, and taking charge of improving your organization. At SparkC, we are here to to help.


Learning Management Systems, or LMSs, are software platforms used to deliver and track online and classroom courses. At SparkC, we design, develop, and implement your custom-built or open-source (Moodle) LMS. Or, we can simply create courses and deliver them to you in industry-standard SCORM packages, which you may then upload to your existing LMS.

Our scalable solutions include Moodle, an open-source virtual learning environment, or a custom-built LMS that meets your organization’s unique needs. With a SparkC LMS, you can organize, present, and manage employee training over the Web. Our solutions include:

  • Personalized training administration and tracking, which reports internal and external training, including modules for tracking compliance with the U. S. Office of Personnel Management’s Enterprise Human Resources Integration (EHRI), SF-182 management, Individual Development Plan (IDP), and performance competency tracking

  • Point-of-sale capabilities to collect and track payments for training (either on a course-by-course or whole-program basis)

  • LMSs that allow clients to create individualized training programs, ensuring compliance with organizational policy and regulatory requirements

  • Student information systems that allow colleges and other educational institutes to track student progress from admission to graduation

  • Virtual workspaces that allow students, teachers, and subject matter experts to interact before, during, and after educational opportunities (Our LMSs can facilitate or enhance live classroom instruction, instructor-led distance learning, and even one-on-one mentoring relationships.)

  • Hosting, tracking, and delivering SCORM and TINCAN web-based trainings — and providing the help desk services that your users need



A Learning Content Management Systems, or LCMS, is a software platform that uses a common user interface and templates so it is easy to write, design, organize, and store the learning content that will be delivered to a student even if you are not a programmer. In contrast to an LMS, an LCMS allows single courses to be modified for individual people. In short, an LCMS is an authoring tool that allows instructional designers to collaborate and create content that can be published in a variety of formats. While the LMS user is a learner, the LCMS user is the teacher.


SparkC uses, creates, and implements LCMSs by employing a knowledge object repository to simplify development and delivery of courses. Not only does an LCMS support online course development, it can also be used to develop blended courses using functions such as online forums, blogs, reading assignments, discussions, quizzes, course surveys, and other group activities and exercises. If you would like to write and design all of your learning content in-house, an LCMS might be for you.

SparkC uses, personalizes, and hosts a variety of LCMSs, including Drupal and our own custom-designed systems. We can also create your solution using off-the shelf programs such as Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, Kenexa (previously OutStart), UDUTU, and others.

Hosting + Help Desk

Hosting + Help Desk 

SparkC provides secure hosting for thousands of sites for our Federal Government and commercial clients. Our state-of-the-art servers with solid-state drives, massive RAM, and dozens of CPUs already support millions of client agency users.


SparkC help desk team provides information and assistance to troubleshoot and solve problems accessing training and information. SparkC provides help desk services across our LMSs, applications, sites, and LCMSs, supporting hundreds of sites with a user population totaling over a million users. Our in-house team addresses tier 1 through 4 issues via a toll-free number, help desk ticketing system, and email. 


In agencies adhering to ISO/IEC 20000 or seeking to implement IT Service Management best practice, a help desk offers a wider range of user-centric services, becoming part of a larger Service Desk support. Our services are provided via simplified acquisition vehicles and intra-agency agreements for those agencies that require help desk support for SparkC’s products and systems.


Analytics, Online Assessments, + Evaluation 

Our learning management systems provide accurate data for improving performance and making business decisions. You’ll get custom reports, evaluation and test data, certifications for mandatory training, and user data. 


Analytics result from course evaluations, tests (assessments), and LMS data to show the number of student course completions and non-completions, user pass/fail rates, user location, and the user’s position within the company or organization. At SparkC, we develop customized solutions based on analytics, intelligent data, and user-produced data to measure, manage, and improve your learning systems and curricula.

Data Analytics + Online Assessments
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