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Data Analytics + Online Assessments

We partner with industry-leading Learning Management Systems (LMS) providers to implement and deploy across our clients networks to meet learning and training requirements.

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Learning Management System
Implementation & Support

Learning Management Systems, or LMSs, are software platforms used to deliver and track online and classroom courses. At SparkC, we design, develop, and implement your custom-built LMS. Or, we can simply create courses and deliver them to you in industry-standard SCORM packages, which you may then upload to your existing LMS.

Our scalable solutions include Moodle, Canvas, Adobe Captivate Prime, Thinkific and provide management of our clients BlackBoard to execute large-scale eLearning and training projects . With a SparkC LMS, you can organize, present, and manage employee training over the Web. 


Web Application Portal
Implementation & Support

Does implementing an LMS system exceed your budget and capability needs? Does your organization need an all-in-one secure web-based touchpoint to deliver training to your organization?

Our team of software developers and instructional system designers build custom coded CSS web-based portals that will provide a secure avenue to complete training requirements. Users will be provided credentials to gain access, locate their mandated training products and receive digital completion certificates upon completion. This product provides active completion tracking to measure the activity and proficiency data. 

Undergoing multiple cyber audits prior to contract awards, SparkC implements NIST 800-37 controls to maintain a proactive security approach. All web application portal can be custom branded with our clients core mission, logos and color schemes. Upon completion of eLearning training development, we will integrate the completed modules into the client portal for deployment to all end users. 

Hosting + Help Desk 

SparkC provides secure hosting through our secure NIST 800-37 configured Amazon Web Services Hosting environment. Upon completing our Web Application Portal, we deploy the application to the web through out AWS environment.  


SparkC help desk team provides information and assistance to troubleshoot and solve problems accessing training and information. SparkC provides help desk services across our LMSs, applications, sites, and LCMSs, supporting thousands of users over the past 5 years. Our in-house team addresses tier 1 through 4 issues via a toll-free number, help desk ticketing system, and email. 


In agencies adhering to ISO/IEC 20000 or seeking to implement IT Service Management best practice, a help desk offers a wider range of user-centric services, becoming part of a larger Service Desk support. Our services are provided via simplified acquisition vehicles and intra-agency agreements for those agencies that require help desk support for SparkC’s products and systems.


Analytics, Online Assessments, + Evaluation 

Our learning management systems provide accurate data for improving performance and making business decisions. You’ll get custom reports, evaluation and test data, certifications for mandatory training, and user data. 


Analytics result from course evaluations, tests (assessments), and LMS data to show the number of student course completions and non-completions, user pass/fail rates, user location, and the user’s position within the company or organization. At SparkC, we develop customized solutions based on analytics, intelligent data, and user-produced data to measure, manage, and improve your learning systems and curricula.

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